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Professional  TEMPORARY  Tattoos

Air Brush Tattoos

Increasingly popular, Airbrush Tattoos are great entertainment for your guests! We typically offer around 200 designs to choose from at each event, but we have over 1000 in our design library.  

Air Brush TattooTemporary airbrush tattoos are water-proof, so your kids can jump in the pool and take their daily bath. Using our long-lasting ink, full color tattoos usually last 3-5 days, while solid black tattoos will often last over a week. Our ink is alcohol-based, so you can remove it anytime with an alcohol wipe.

If you have a special design or logo that you want to offer at your party, we would be glad to make a custom stencil for you.

Airbrush tattoos are also quick to apply. We can spray on over 40 tattoos per hour, so they make a great alternative to face painting if you have a large crowd in a short period of time. Call or email today for more information!


Henna Tattoos

Henna Tattoos are from an ancient art of body Henna Tattoosdecorating using a paste made of the the dried leaves of the Henna plant. This paste temporarily stains the skin an orange-brown color, using only all natural products, fresh high quality Henna powder, pure essensial oils, lemon juice and molasses, we mix the paste and create all natural Henna paste witch is used to apply the stain to the skin in delicate patterns.

We provide a complete Henna Tattoo experience by 1st preparing the skin and then applying custom designs and after-care to insure a beautiful result.

Specializing in traditional designs and custom work we include this option in private, corporate and festivals throughout the South Texas area.



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