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Meet the Oodles...

Joel Wilkinson Mr. Oodles

Joel started twisting balloons at 16 years old (1997) after responding to an ad in his high school newspaper. Working for tips in restaurants, training other balloon artists, and entertaining at birthday parties allowed him to never again get a “real job”. He found joy in twisting balloons for children in Guatemala while he served as a missionary there for two years (2000-2002). Twisting balloons also allowed him to support himself in college, along with scholarships. After graduating with an Agronomy degree from Texas A&M University in 2006, Joel found himself doing cutting-edge plant research for NASA at Utah State University. However, it didn’t take long for him to realize his true passion was in owning his own business. He returned to Texas, continuing his balloon art business. Joel also continued direct-selling to small business owners and became an Executive Director in Legal Shield, travelling throughout the nation with both businesses. Joel has twisted balloons in 25 states, in 3 provinces of Canada, as well as Guatemala and Germany. Continuing at his current usage, Joel will have twisted approximately 1 million balloons by October of 2015.

In 2008, Joel had a crazy idea of getting his insurance license and had to get his fingerprints taken. Fortuitously, Lacy was a fingerprint technician in Conroe!  After recruiting Lacy into Legal Shield, Joel proposed to her on a paintball field 4 months after they met. (Joel never sold a single insurance policy, but he met the love of his life). After getting married in 2009, Lacy found herself wanting to join Joel on his weekend “gigs” and therein her amazing painting abilities were discovered! Since then, Lacy has become one of the most sought-after face painters in the Houston area. She has also developed her talent as a henna artist. She is also a trained interior decorator. For Lacy, it seems the sky is the limit with all things art! Together, Joel and Lacy have added airbrush tattoos to their repertoire and have become hugely popular, especially at pool parties since they are waterproof!

And now for the biggest question we get... “do your kids think you are the coolest parents ever?” Well, it seems that our 7 year old boy and 3 year old girl think that all dads make balloon art while they’re watching tv at home. And don’t all moms paint up their kids every time they get a new idea? And even after seeing 8 foot tall transformers, 6 foot tall princesses, and balloon airplanes that fill up our living room, our kids still love to play with balloon swords and poodles.

Mrs. Oodles

Lacy Wilkinson

As a child I would watch my mother create worlds on her canvases, oil lamps, and pottery.  My father would write lyrics and play music at night. My Grandmother would send us paintings that we would admire in our home. My uncle was one of the most talented wood designers I’ve ever seen, and my Aunt Kay the interior decorator, did something I was most fond of. She turned her abilities into her career. Being an artistic apple off the old family tree, I found myself bedazzled with the art of creation. I remember wanting only play dough, a new paint set, goo maker, or necklace kit as a small child. Later my art evolved to pencil drawings of story perfect characters and self portraits. Art was a part of who I was. But what part of my life would it belong to?

In Joel’s Bio you get the scoop on “how we met”

Then I met the amazingly talented Joel Wilkinson. He not only was a professional tap dance instructor, But a master balloon artist and exhibited business integrity I only dreamed of having. He brought a smile to every face he met. But the one thing I admired most was how he strived to be better at the things he was already wonderful at. Mastering a skill was in itself an ability of his. Superior business ethic and artistic ability had collided. The Joel and Lacy power team had been created.

As I ventured to explore the options for combining our expertise I first thought… face painting! One snazaroo kit later and I felt I had found where art had its place in my life.  A few YouTube videos, painted arms, legs, and one painted husband later we were in business baby.  I explored the art of face painting with just brushes at first and quickly began to evolve into more of my own style. “What if I added gemstones” I just love when the little girls light up when they get to choose “their” gemstones for “their” princess mask. Seeing the excitement in the children, and adults, with this neat addition I choose to stand out even more. To create ultimate uniqueness and quality in my face paintings I first incorporated sponging This helped with speed, creating imaginative effects “notice the butterfly masks in the gallery”. Then I learned the single stroke technique and combined it with my “cake paints”. This combination allowed me to paint with up to 4 colors at once making marvelous fantasy masks wicked cool dragons and much more. Aside from the journey of mastering this ability I found another ability worth even more, The ability to make people happy.

As much as I love painting on my canvases, I love their smiles even more. Well ...sometimes it’s a smile, sometimes I get a tiger roar, or a super hero fist pump, or a hello kitty wink… you get the picture. My favorite is the vanity stare; like my mirror is glued 5 inches from the face and it’s not going anywhere! That one I get mostly from the adults. Everyone gets special treatment and everyone deserves it. Half the fun is getting your face painted the other is enjoying it.

Obviously, I grew to love this art form. But with the industry we were in, I had the freedom to become diverse. Since Joel and I created Oodles Entertainment I have incorporated in my own skill set, professional balloon art and décor, Henna {some may know as Mhendi}, Moulage {mainly used for around Halloween for special FX} and have become an airbrush temporary tattoo, face and body artist.

I feel entirely blessed to be able to express my artistic abilities and most of all to work along side of my talented husband. Our kids don’t seem to mind this profession and are always adding inspiration to the business. As our children grow up with art in our home, I hope they learn to embrace creativity as I did. Maybe they will learn that talents can become ambitions and that growing in the things you love will bless not only yourself but others.

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